Physical Healing
Energetic Practises


Water Balance

This Energy Practise Enables True Water Balance to occur within your physical cells to Trigger physical healing.

Some cells retain excess water and some prevent sufficient water being absorbed. Both scenarios create imbalance within these cells, impacting healing in those areas.

This practise Creates True Water Balance by energetically transferring the water from the cells retaining excess water to the cells restricting water access.

Both types of cells are then Triggered to Allow the absorption of optimum levels of water in Future, this then Allows healing processes to start in areas that were previously impacted by water imbalance.

Colour & Light

Energy Release

Some Colour and Light Energies that are ‘Not A Good Thing’ can be Attracted to and subsequently Attach to areas of stored Low Vibration in the body. 

These can remain Attached after initial healing has taken place, thereby obstructing further or full physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing from occurring.

The Attached energies can be energetically Dissolved and Detached Enabling Healing to continue, as the obstruction is released and Hope is Ignited within your cells.

This is a complex and lengthy Energetic Practise that can take 3-5 x 1 hour sessions to complete.



Electrolytes are minerals or chemicals that emit an electric charge when dissolved in fluids.  Your body produces some naturally and obtains others through diet.  They help regulate chemical reactions, maintain fluid balance, and transmit electrical messages. They regulate nerve and muscle function, balance blood acidity and pressure, help rebuild damaged tissue, are necessary for all brain functions and essential for all health welfare. Electrolyte imbalances and deficiencies occur through dehydration, poor diet, illness and loss of body fluids.

This practise Helps Create True Balance in Electrolyte function and levels and Helps Enable free Movement of fluids, electrolytes and electrical messages throughout the body.



Enzymes are proteins that help speed up chemical reactions to support life.  They are made naturally in the body and found in food.  They are vital for digestion, liver and nerve function, building muscle, breathing, and destroying toxins.  Enzymes break down and build substances and need ideal temperature and pH balance conditions, to work correctly. There are many types of enzymes and each type has one specific job.  Enzyme problems can lead to health issues and some insufficiencies can be genetic.  Enzyme deficiency results in the accumulation of toxic compounds and may disrupt normal organ functions.

This practise Helps Align genes and enzymes to True Cellular Form for them and Helps Restore True Balance and Equilibrium to enzyme function and levels in the body, Enabling Healing and Harmony within.


Cat has helped me immensely by doing a healing session with me, called ‘removing colour and light that was not a good thing’. She was able to tune in and remove energies that were attached to me that had been holding me back. She has a very calm and easy way of working with clients which made me feel instantly at ease with her.

Fiona Murphy