You First
for Women 40+

Using my Energetic Practises, I Help women who exist for others
to Be who they Truly are to Live the Life they Truly want.

Are You Ready To Prioritise You?

I’m so glad you dropped in, I’m really pleased to meet you.  It’s wonderful to share my journey with you on the road to Life Is For Living¹.  There’s so much out there waiting for us to share in and discover.  Like you, I’m 40+, it’s my autumn, my midlife and I feel like I’m just getting started, it’s time to Be me, to put me First, me at the centre of my journey. Who am I really? What do I want? Why am I here? – I want to experience Being me, my Truth Of You, not me the daughter, sister, student, wife, mother, friend, employee – but just me.

In the springtime of my Life I was Growing and Learning and Becoming – Becoming what? I was busy Becoming all of those things, but somewhere, somewhere, I lost me.

It’s time Ladies for You to get to Know You and to be the star of your own show, you only get one show, one Physical Life – Stop living it for others. Give yourself permission to Be who You really are and to Do what You came here to Do!

¹Please note this website uses ‘Spiritual Referencing’ so some capital letters appear within the text.

I Use my Energetic Practises to Empower women 40+ to:

Be who they Truly are

Become centre stage in their own Life’s journey

Heal in Body, Mind and Spirit

Connect to Nature and Community

Move forward in midlife with Hope and Desire

Be Now and Future Focused

Commit to Change

Take responsibility for personal Change

Take Action to Achieve what they want

Live the Life they became physical to Live

Are You Ready To Prioritise You?

If so…

Choose what happens Now for You.

Be You Now

The Truth Of You
Akashics with
Real Experience


True Water Balance
Colour & Light


Seasonal Nature
Soil Enhancement




Womb Environment
Soul Protection

Mid Life is Nature’s Time of Wisdom, Glorious Expression, Abundance, Reaping and Joy.

It is YOUR Time to benefit from all that went before
in the Creation of You.

Celebrate Mid Life!

It’s Time NOW,



I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon and helping you Live the Life You Truly want.