Energetic Practises



This Energetic Practise Connects clients to HOPE
and STRENGTH. It Helps TRANSFORM ‘What Is’ to
‘What Is Wanted and or Needed’, in ALIGNMENT to
The Truth Of You and True Cellular Form for clients
during TRANSFORM Periods, with the Intention to
Create and Restore True Balance, Optimum Health
and Harmony within.

TRANSFORM Periods are Physical Growth Changes
Occurring at Life Stages:
– Moving from Non Physical to Physical
(conception, gestation and birth)
– Journeying from infancy to adulthood
– Menopause

and includes:
– Health recovery periods from trauma or
ill health issues, that negatively affect
– Physical and or Non Physical cells.

My TRANSFORM Capability Helps Protect, Support
Sustain Life during periods of natural or negative Change.



This Energetic Practise Helps Humans and other
Nature Objects TRANSITION from one Phase to
the next to Enable them to Grow and Progress
on their Eternal Journey.

A ‘Phase’ is any significant Change in Life circumstances.

TRANSITIONING through such Change affects Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual wellbeing, this practise Helps all these Aspects Grow and Progress throughout the TRANSITION Process and for as long as is Needed.

Physical Nature Objects will be Enabled to TRANSITION from a Current Phase to a New Phase, and HOPE in their Eternal Journey will be IGNITED within them.



This Energetic Practise will SPARK LIFE and
HEALING in Physical and Non Physical cells
that are Beyond Repair and cannot be
Helped by any other means.




This UNCONSCIOUS THOUGHT Energetic Practise
Connects clients to HOPE, STRENGTH and TRUTH
Energies and bypasses negative Conscious Mind
Perspective Programming© that can prevent or
inhibit Healing, Harmony and Flow relating to
wellbeing of the Body, Mind and Spirit. It is
adaptable to client Needs. It CONNECTS Physical
and Non Physical Humans and Nature Objects* to
The Truth Of You and ALIGNS them to True Cellular
Form/True Form for them. It Helps Create Positive
Change and Restore True Balance and Optimum Health, within and between internal Environments.

This Practise Enables Physical and Non Physical Nature Objects to Exist, Live and Thrive as they Truly are.

© copyright 5th Dimension Earth

* ‘Nature Object’ is any’ Thing’ comprising Nature Energy

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Free Energetic Practises

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Protecting non cancerous cells
from chemotherapy treatment.

Womb Environment³


Protecting babies in the womb
from environmental pollution.



Protecting non cancerous cells
from radiotherapy treatment.



Protecting Souls from personal negative
influences during their TRANSITION Journey
from Physical to Non Physical.

I was truly blessed that Cat did a wonderful uplifting and caring couple of sessions with me. She has many energetic capabilities and was intuitively tuned to the TRANSFORM energy. I found the sessions very soothing and was able to relax and allow my body time and space to feel great benefit both during and after the sessions. I felt improvement in my physical and emotional symptoms. Cat is very caring and supportive and I would highly recommend her. Thank you Cat.

Su Owen